Serax Maison d’Être – Fall Collection 2012

Nature is never far away in the new autumn collection of the Antwerp design label Serax maison d’être. Serax has been designing and producing unique and quirky interior and decorative objects for over 20 years. The company is on a continual quest for innovation, collaborating frequently with well-known designers from Belgium and abroad.


This autumn, Catherine Grandidier turns her hand to kitschy Chinese vases, giving them a new purpose and a hip form.


By experimenting with and reusing paper, Debbie Wijskamp has created her own material – something she had long been attempting. Her paper pulp has a distinctive look and composition. The resulting vases are ideal for flowers and plants; they are not only strong and waterproof but also give the paper a new purpose, forming a strong statement against our consumer society.



House designer Marie Michielssen makes an art of storage with a series of canvas storage boxes in white and flashy coloured stripes. They are available in different sizes to fit seamlessly in any wardrobe or closet. The autumn is heralded in with new graphic prints and stripes, and tea lights bathed in a mix of new, warm and bright colours. Michielssen’s mission this autumn: to infuse interiors with colour and a to make cleaning up a pleasure.


Image source: Serax maison d’être
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