Intersections / Belgian Design #2@Atomium-Brussels

Symbol of modernity, technical prowess and architectural statement, Atomium has been a place dedicated to creation since her opening in 1958. It was thus natural for this “most Belgian Brussels building” to pay special and continuing attention to modern design and it has done so since its restoration a decade ago. Design, the “arts décoratifs” as it was once known, is a source of emulation for creators in many disciplines. It is with as much commitment as true passion that Atomium opens its doors and rooms to Design exhibits and showcases. Whether with large scale exhibitions such as Intersections which offers every two years a cross-sectional and innovative look at young Belgian creation or with yearly spotlights on the last collection of an emergent creator, Atomium makes available its spaces, its energy and its popularity , thereby offering a unique visibility to modern design in Belgium.
For the second edition of this project, Intersections#2 is welcoming three Belgian designers from September 2012 to January 2013: Achilles, Lucile Soufflet and Diane Steverlinckx. They are presenting their work and thoughts about textile, urban and industrial design.

Achilles Associates


Diane Steverlynck


Lucile Soufflet

fiches LS/atomium.indd

Image source: Atomiumexpo
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