Preferential fit…

This is a luxury house, it is modern, addresses to stylish spirits and Kris Van Assche is the person in charge. It is exceptional, exclusive and simply exquisite.
The DIOR HOMME demi-mesure service.
Meaning, ready-to-wear suit and shirt models, adapted to the exact measurements of each client by the skilled expertise of a tailor. The client will have a choice of some two hundred suit weights and no less than one hundred and sixty shirt fabrics, preselected by Kris Van Assche for their level of refinement and quality.


And it goes something like this.
An initial appointment is arranged that encompasses trying on a basic model of the garment, the taking of measurements and choosing of the fabric, all with the assistance of an on-site tailor who will create the garment form first cut to last stitch. A fitting will be scheduled to take place back at the respective store 5 to 8 weeks later, allowing for any necessary adjustments.
One week later, ready for final delivery, the finished demi-mesure item will be placed inside its own special packaging: a black cotton gabardine garment bag for suits and a white cover for shirts, both embroidered DIOR in tone-on-tone lettering.


Don’t you love it?

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