Ruby Motorcycle Helmets – The 7th Collection

It is already the seventh collection of helmets by Jérôme Coste for Ruby. Jerôme Coste is still going deeper in his graphical researches, using all the references linked to mobility, American tangy colors, Palm Springs, Miami, the 50’s, the NASA, some more European references, Parisian, Italian, some other more Japanese, with mangas…
All helmets are made in best carbon fiber using inherited aerospace technology, to ensure maximum strength, accompanied by lightweight. The interiors are lined with nappa lambskin that gives you the feel of vintage luxury cars.
Inspired by four travel journey, this 7th collection includes 16 different helmets.


“Corniche Caraïbes” with tints: green lagoon (Turenne), hibiscus red (Mazarine), indigo blue (Folie Mericourt), sand grey (Paradis).



“Couleurs Pastels” with tints: Layette blue (Pavillon / Belvedère François 1er), Water green/blue (Tuilerie), Straw yellow (Castiglione). These last two tints being enhanced with fitting made of galvanized 1 micron gold.




“Apollo” with tints: atmosphere blue (Alcyone), silver grey (Pavillon/Belvedère Vega), dark black made of carbon fiber with a mirror gloss.



“Trident” with metallic tints: for the records these names are coming from drained lakes of Los Angeles suburbs which were hosting in the 50s, the first speed races with Hot-rods: El Mirage, Muroc, Harper and Rosamond.



These new helmets are already waiting for you at Les Ateliers Ruby,1 Rue Hérold (75001-Paris). You also can buy one of these or custom your own helmet on line!

Image source: Ateliers Ruby
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