Technogym Forma Line: Less Space, More Fun


Technogym is launching a new cardio range for your home. This line has been designed to minimise space and maximise interaction and fun during training.

With its new Entertainment Support, you simply place your tablet or smartphone on the equipment display and play your own contents as you train. The new entertainment support designed by Technogym to anchor the iPad vertically or horizontally without covering the camera, so you can even use Skype while running or pedalling.

Forma Line is the ideal range for any room in the house, from the lounge to the bedroom, and could become the focal point of a wellness corner set up in your very own home.


The range includes a treadmill (Run Forma), a foldable treadmill (Spazio Forma), an upright bike (Bike Forma), a recumbent bike Recline (Recline Forma) and an elliptical trainer (Synchro Forma).

Notice that all products are fitted with CPR (Constance Pulse Rate) and a telemetric strap. This system can be used to exercise at a constant heart rate and train to reach you set targets, also using two different services: “mytr@iner” to create online your personalized training programme and “Personal Trainer” to be guided by a trainer.

The new vertical-closing SPAZIO FORMA takes up less than one square metre. It measures less than 80 cm in width and is fitted with wheels to be moved easily and safely, stopping smoothly when in use. The sensation during training is that of running on grass.


Bike Forma was re-designed with new professional biomechanics, producing the same sensations as riding a bike on the road, with an adjustable ergonomic saddle that respects the anatomical shape of the body.

Synchro Forma works the whole body with a pleasant, safe movement, and is the answer for those wishing to lose weight and tone up using a movement similar to that of cross-country skiing, with low impact on the knees and ankle joints. The elliptical action eliminates the typical impact of running, making training more fluid and comfortable, even for overweight users.


Image source: Technogym
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