Blue & white can be a color combination, but isn’t it also the reminder of a divided society?
Blue & white collars breaking classes apart and merging in one and only outfit at the KRISVANASSCHE Fall-Winter 2012/13 collection.


The layers of style that Van Assche gives us prove the perfect command he has of playing with variations and interpreting society. It’s all in the metaphors…

He brings wise combinations of work-wear and tailoring in his clothes.
Austere black jackets over white shirts, over labor blue pants. The mission would not be accomplished without the delicate touch of the pocket square. It says it all…

And then you have the extremely elegant approach of the tweed urban overall, sleek hair, oxford ties and the chic & serious reference to lapels in the rolled over pants. Writing of which, the proportions are to die for…


The intention is not to extrapolate about a rather sociological event, but to feature the hard worker that Kris Van Assche is. Again this season he excelled though marvelous collaborations.

Take for instance, EASTPAK KRISVANASSCHE III. Functional & luxurious items breaking through technology burst and craftsmanship “savoir-faire”. The color palette wanders around black, dark brown and blue.
Needless to mention the aesthetic expertise of staging such items. Images speak louder than words.


Another legacy synergy started between LEE and KRISVANASSCHE. The authentic denim brand plays remixes with the KVA sophistication. It’s all about reviewing our 5 pockets everyday basics. Here as well, the “work” reference is plausible and fits just fine the emblem that is the denim Lee Rider jacket. All in work-wear twill.


KVA is something like a phenomenon. Future oriented…

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