Black Illusion (Part 1)…

This is a first of a series.
Black is like a shadow on the wall… It slides, it is a “passe-partout”, it conveys confidence.
There is an idea of black. Radical, tolerant and close to all the greys.
A black illusion series starting today with the most basic ever season remix, and with such a starting point as the trench.

A must-have wardrobe. This one is from PLECTRUM BY BEN SHERMAN. Tailored & cut sharp in a black waterproof gabardine.


To naturally combine with a white tee. The “Light my fire” tee from JBC. It is our immense pleasure to finally write about this Belgian brand that reaches levels of uncontrollable celebrity. Founded in 1975 from father to son, JBC expanded all over the country and a bit more… Not to mention that their latest campaigns feature the endless Naomi.
This is from their legends collection.


Suit pants from CLUB MONACO. A classical cut with rebellious comfort for these almost ‘ivy looking’ trousers. Rolled up hems for a soft tweed fabric.


The penny loafer from SEBAGO, without the penny. The basic of the basics, but a beautifully institutional one. Looks good with every wardrobe item and it must be worn sockless. This is a commandment.


Belt from STRELLSON. Their “Deep Black” collection bears pure lines & elegant materials.


The time is now to overindulge in your looks…
Wrist watch from ANONIMO Firenze. This one from the Dino Zei line. One of four inextricably precious timepieces. Mechanical precision & artisanal “savoir faire”.


Eye shades from RAY-BAN. The new line in sober tones, a delicate silver logo detail & curvy arms. Something like the pilots, but newer…


The brief-case from MARC O’POLO, the premium casual fashion brand. Ragged black leather, chic shape & double zipper facilities.


The glorious return of the beany and your own personal stamp… From STRELLSON, the “Deep Black” collection.


No fear… This is the one plausible means to stay safe during the day.
You cannot realize what black can do for you…

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