LivingColors Micro: Colour Changing Led Mood Lamp

The psychology of colour is interesting – blue is associated with productivity, green is meant to be calming, while yellow makes you feel happy, and red, excited….


Philips is bringing you a whole new meaning to mood lighting with the Philips LivingColors Micro. If you are looking for a luminaire to place on a book shelf or other discreet areas in your home, the new LivingColors Micro is the perfect solution. Smaller than the existing LivingColors Mini it is designed to fit into tiny places, where a little light can make a big difference…


With a choice of 64 different colours to throw a fun and playful shade on your interiors, you can easily select by touching and swiping the colour strip — or, if you want to mix things up, you can simply let it cycle through all of them automatically.
Whether you’re setting the scene for a romantic night, the colours blend naturally into the surroundings due to the diffused light effect.


Image source: Philips
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