The Crash : The New Philips&O’Neill’s Headphones Tested On Animals

Philips and O’Neill present their thoughest headphones. Virtually Indestructible and tested on their toughest riders.


This new headphones, The Crash can withstand the rigours of extreme sport. They do combine high-end listening with a build that’s tough enough to withstand 1.5 tonnes of crushing power!


The build quality of these phones is immediately obvious, with thick slabs of tough plastic used to construct the headband and cover the earpieces. Sitting at the heart of each earpiece is a 40mm neodymium driver which is protected by a solid aluminium section, which in turn pivots within each earpiece mount.



Other tough features include a large remote on the cable which is waterproofed and has large buttons that should be easier to operate when wearing gloves.

Unrivaled strength doesn’t have to mean un- comfortable though. Far from it in “THE CRASH” features an Active and Chill mode, which offers a perfect fit whether “THE CRASH” is blasting tunes through your ears or left around the neck for when you want to chill.


In sales from now, “THE CRASH” headphone by Philips | O’Neill is Tested on Ani- mals and is ready for your abuse at the price of 399,95 euros 399,95 euros

Image source: O’Neil
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