Samsung NX20: Small Size, Big Performance

Samsung’s most expensive digital camera, the new NX20, boasts the same huge megapixel count as the NX210 and the NX200 before it, but resides in a larger, more “professional” body.


This is also one of the first enthusiast level cameras to feature WiFi connectivity but the ability to quickly post to Facebook feels like a throwaway feature on a high-quality camera like this one.


For such a small camera, ample buttons make adjusting shooting settings a breeze. No more menus. As with the Samsung NX200, the slow autofocus is a drag. On the upside, the camera can shoot continuously, very fast, and the photo quality is excellent.


The Samsung NX20 is a great camera, consistently producing sharp images full of detail and realistic colours. This camera’s performance is spectacular a nd it’s a joy to use, thanks in part to the i-Function lens system, which makes it easy to adjust the most common shooting controls.

Image source: Samsung
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