Pronails Men: Nail & Hand Care for Men

Men are still hesitant to go to a beauty salon for hand and nail treatment. However, research shows that they do need and want good hand care. This is why ProNails developed a Men Only kit including 4 essential and efficient products for hands and


Men Don’t Bite helps to finally and totally get rid of the bad habbit of biting and sucking the nails and the fingers.


Men Need Moist is a lemmon grass hand cream to restore and refresh heavy duty skin. It prevents the appearance of dryness on hands and keep men’s hand healthy and nourished.


Men Are Cute is a special cuticule care pen. This oil stimulates the skin’s moisture, nourishes it and improves its elasticity.


Men Only File is a long lasting file to file the natural nail without any damage to the nail

Image source: ProNails
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