«Pénombre»(Twilight) by Rosalba Torres Guerrero & Lucas Racasse/Les Ballets C de la B @Théâtre 140 – Brussels


First choreographic work for Rosalba Torres Guerrero for Belgian collective Les Ballets C de la B. After dancing for Anne Teresa De Keersmaecker and Alain Platel, she invests the stage of Theatre 140 for a few more days with “Pénombre/Twilight”, a solo, rather a delicious duo with French video director Lucas Racasse.

At the origin of this show is the desire to explore themes of cultural “otherness” and what IS between two worlds, with the phantomatic figure of the Japanese tradition, the Obake, alternately object, animal or human creature.

Rosalba takes us through her choregraphic cross-dimensional dialogue between dance and video to an enchanting world where one’s will witness her transformation – from questioning to accomplishment. The dancer will then become one with her mysterious soul mate exploring from this encounter various themes such as death, alter ego, the relation with body transformation, femaleness, the death and rebirth loop.

Luca Racasse Luc here signs the wonderful backdrop video and has been involved since the beginning of the creation process with Rosalba.

Imbued with the special relationship Japan has with chiaroscuro, influenced by “The praise of the darkness” by writer Tanizaki Junichirô, both of them deliver a work that emphasizes purity of style; pure emotion between a dancer and her on-screen counterpart, Brussels performer Uiko Watanabe, alternately tiny, out of the navel of the dancer, and then suddenly huge, protruding from the wall, drifting like two lovers to a uncertain future.
“Pénombre” choreographically suggests the essential between image and body.

Direction, script, choregraphic work & performance: Rosalba Torres Guerrero

Video, illustration, live performance et co-writing: Lucas Racasse

Video actress: Uiko Watanabe

Dramaturgy: Hildegard De Vuyst

• Théâtre 140 –Brussels from 4th to 6th December 2012 – 08.30PM

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Image source: Sara Judice de Menezes

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