Black Illusion (Part 3)…

Third parts are like third rows… You get to say you were there, even though you didn’t see half of the thirty outfits that walked barely in front of you.
As far as we’re concerned, this third part glows.
This time it is a biker jacket that leads the way and guides us through a multiple choice attitude test…
And there is a hint as well. Choose golden details and set your style on fire… There, one would fantasize on hideous kinky concepts. In such a case you got it wrong.
What’s the story here?

From BOSS SELECTION, the jacket. You may know by now that this is the luxury line of the Hugo Boss “style cartel”. This winter, inspired by retro icons and by all means based on Greek shipping magnates, they came-up with contemporary tailoring and outstanding workmanship on kangaroo leather & cashmere.



Let there always be a tee to refine the austere impetus you feel and to twist your outfit.
This one from AMERICAN VINTAGE. Lightly see-through and in natural fibers.


Her name is Prune Farro, she designs the FARRO jewels and this long chain necklace comes from her Ziggy collection. It is in gold plated brass & testifies the multiple arts experience she’s been through. Not to forget to mention that in Brussels this and some one of a kind ornaments of Prune can be found exclusively at V.O. which stands for Version Originale…. The one stop luxury outlet shop, next time.


FILIPPA K, again for this winter, with a sharp-cut, straight wool suit pants. No pleats allowed. Such items enhance your vigor.


A package has arrived… The Z ZEGNA belts in patent metallic tones and elastic waistbands. The unfortunate thing is that you have to choose. Peculiar… Go for the first one starting from the bottom, anyways.


CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN is our excitement… Patent leather derbies with golden chain and zipper details. The Loubi World, as they call it, is a world of pure joy, irony & glamour. Isn’t there where we all focus our endeavors? That level of satisfaction is hard to find elsewhere…


On any Upper East Side this is a strongly recommended item. Tote bag in alligator skin from RALPH LAUREN Purple Label. It showcases the square style mind you are…


The padlock perfume natural spray from HERMÈS. In a gold finish, to combine with the handles of your bag or to slip it in as a secret.


Shades from DIOR HOMME. These are from their Black Tie collection. Contemporary & timeless, a contrast you should accept as your rise to stardom.


The felt Chelsea from MY BOB Use Your Head. The duet Geoffroy Moreels and Alberto Ibarretxe that conquered some 50 retailers world-wide with their lifestyle concept of travel, dream & share…
The narrow brim is refinement and the satin ribbon is pervasive distinction and class savour.


And then came khaki… (to be continued)

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