Officer Green by DIOR HOMME…

We know what we like and how to give it to you. So there’s a black box with a cap and a pair of shades on it, both in officer green.


These are our pin-up accessories for this season. Accessories completing insatiably the DIOR HOMME collection for autumn-winter 2012-13.

The tremendous effect this green ambiance has on us is impossible to explain. So with my mates here in Gusmen and by a certain common request, we reached a verdict… Green is what you’ll get. And we take the liberty of calling it khaki depending on the occasion…


Even though the collection strikes by its green and some similar shades, it goes though some cream and black… But we stick on this green and the officers who dare it.

The guess about a military uniform inspiration is more than ever correct. The appeal lies more on this never-ending story of skills of Kris Van Assche to combine outdoor clothing with very special details of tailoring, resulting in some kind of masterpieces you can showcase on the streets.
Cool & structured is evidence when it comes to allure. Most items are reversible, so functional. Coats & parkas have back zips and this very special braid seams.
Luxurious materials is a “sine qua non” to twist the street-wear of it. Like the ultra soft cashmere flannel or the astrakhan-effect but the lambskin as well.
“Accessoires”, as we call them in French, are the happy bottom line. Stay tuned on the felted wool cap and the tone-on-tone mirrored sunglasses.

With the style you have inside of you, this can turn this world around…

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