Polo of the Future with Lacoste Future

[wide]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30lKLG6mzNk&feature=youtu.be[/wide] Here’s the latest Lacoste campaign where the video puts in perspective the future of the classic polo. The video proposes interactions with a new generation of clothing, like instant changes of colors or cuts.

Manifesto 1

In 1933,
René Lacoste invents the polo shirt. Its code name: L.12.12*.
At the time, its cut and airy fabric, the petit piqué jersey, offers unparalleled comfort.

The L.12.12 is immediately considered as a real technical innovation.
René Lacoste, however, decides to go farther.

Manifesto 2

He adorns his polo shirt with an elegant and audacious signature logo:
the crocodile.
By doing so, he invents a new generation of fashion.

80 years later, the polo is still in fashion.
Technology has evolved, but the quality of the L.12.12 hasn’t changed.

Manifesto 3

Today, as we begin to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the brand, we pay tribute to the visionary spirit of René Lacoste.

Let’s start from scratch and imagine the Polo of the Future.

Manifesto 4

An elegant and comfortable polo that never goes out of fashion, but one that is enhanced with all that technology can offer.

An intelligent polo, a connected polo, one that listens to its environment…a polo with no limits.

Manifesto 5

The Polo of the Future film features an attainable future; a future we have imagined.

But the possibilities are endless.
That is why we invite you to join us and reinvent the L.12.12 of the future.

Connect to Facebook.com/Lacoste and imagine the Polo of the Future.
The most creative ideas will be featured on Facebook.com/Lacoste.

Video source: Lacoste
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