The Getaway

And it is going to be casually glamorous!

Because we have gathered a bit of the “crème de la crème” labels and their relevant items for you to getaway for New Year’s eve or for whichever other circumstance you feel like going away soon.

The pre-event session is by common agreement a more exciting moment than the event it self. It is statistics and I would not challenge that.


One of the best military instants in this winter’s fashion. The award goes to DIOR HOMME for the Kris Van Assche interpretation of this shade that rules the world.

Outdoor, sportswear and tailoring are the domains where the designer’s technical and artistic undisputed skills lie.

In luxurious materials, here are the officer green wool loden belted jacket with an off-white shearling effect and the officer green cotton t-shirt with “a soldier on my own” print.




A new approach belonging to the 3D revolution. They call it the “Texture Exposure” treatment working on the very heart of the denim and giving it unexpected patterns.

The salt & pepper Braddom regular slim carrot slacks.



The most versatile luxury label is HERMÈS. Precious objects and accessories, finished impeccably and yet so street wise underneath any type of bottom. And it’s almost tricky this bondage feeling you may experience when trapped under the straps and the fur.

Calfskin boot with rubber-padded double leather sole and shearling lining.



It is literally a blanket. Worn around your neck and chest, this over-dimensioned and glowingly graphical square, makes you feel like cocooning.

A definite Paris-Tokyo journey of Kim Jones, creative director of the men’s line of LOUIS VUITTON, and a certain homage to Antonio Lopez, the famous fashion illustrator of the 70s.



This is the other military kind of reference of this outfit.

Second lines are democratic. Whether good or bad, the focus is more about the exciting Marc making simple things look like “I gotta have it right now…”.

So, cases in textured canvas for laptops and tablets, all these objects you cannot walk without anymore. And the “M” symbol is glorious. Plus headphones with leather headpiece.



Their collections cover so many styles you would be tempted to have a hyper-dooper exclusive mono-brand wardrobe.

In any case, this is the bag for your two-days trip. The bi-style bag: a casual edge to a classy end. But also, a certainly pertinent combination of colors and materials, with unexpected details like the quilted bottom.



The eyewear!

More of an un-definable shape, like between circles and squares, but excellently orchestrated with acetate frames and sleek design. The caramel shade is a better version of black or brown. What a masculine view of things…



Since they launched their men’s collection, SWAROVSKI plead crystals without over the top sparkle for men. This means that they summit in the choices of those who are not but they actually are…

Jet Hematite pavé mini crystals in dark tones on black calfskin leather bracelet.

Classy and robust.



This House full of noses and more…

Before I proceed to the purchase of any of their unique fragrances, I have this physical and inextricable mental preparation to make in order to receive all sorts of sensations.

What I am experiencing is admiration.

This one is called “Rien” (for “Nothing”), and I could not find a better way to explain than to give excerpts of the perfumer’s confession:

“Rien is a second skin perfume, a perfume that clings to the body and perseveres in the mind… As light as mohair and as precious as cashmere the fragrance envelops skin with powdered caress… An entrancing fragrance that leaves an unforgettable imprint. The vanilla/opium accord of the drydown reinforces the addiction. Rien is an essential…”

It is compulsory that you closely visit their website, where you will find several statements sounding like:

“Not just a fragrance, but a state of mind” or “Please your inner slut”


So act like you know.

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