The Perfect Party Outfit & More

We’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas but most of all we’ve been dreaming of a decadent new year’s eve party surrounded by people on ecstasy, pogo-dancing in the disco.
But several quantities of bubbles later you realize that the two best moments remain the one when you get ready for the party and the other when you enter the room.
You got a feeling coming on there…

This is our suggestion for this year’s party. A celebration of clothes, accessories & objects, ultimately creating festive fashion.

The basis: the tuxedo jacket and relevant trousers form BOSS BLACK. In a slick satin midnight kind of blue and with black lapels. Extremely taken-in at the waist, with a straight leg bottom.



The essential: the white shirt from DIOR HOMME. Impeccably refined. And with hypnotizing details, like this unbelievable starchy effect and the narrow cuffs & button down collar.


The twist: the bow tie from ESSENTIEL. This is the tonic accessory that will make your blend work.


The move: the one & only CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN gives us this soft & black tender-touch pony dandy loafer. Like if we were not already insatiably moved by everything this master’s mind can create.


The other color: the double-breasted shearling camel coat with leather patch from MELINDA GLOSS. We are fond of the color and of how to dare it instead of black.


The precious: from ANONIMO FIRENZE, the “Professionale Crono Oro”. This exceptional timepiece has numerous amazing features you’ll be delighted to discover on their website. We love it for its 18 karat gold and the strong aesthetics of luxury horology and sports diving. And we want it because it’s unbearably expensive.


The art: a glance at fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez from LOUIS VUITTON with this dart brooch and the scarf with explicit graphic Lopez symbols.



The bubbles: from MARTINI ROYALE.
1. Start with the ice, loads of ice…
2. Fill the glass with 10cl of Martini Royale Bianco.
3. Squeeze in a lime quarter and drop it in.
4. Mix-it up and add a mint leaf.


The Radicals: since things are temporary we consider it necessary to think about the day after. The RADICAL SKINCARE duo is Liz & Rachel Edlich, who came-up with the anti-aging power duo. The peptide infused antioxidant serum & the restorative moisture create the perfect synergy for anti-aging hydrating solutions.


Have a beautiful state of mind in 2013!

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