My Temptation

Dear readers,

The very first days of a new year, which we deeply wish you to be healthy & happy, a whole new resolution schedule hangs somewhere at your place. You have listed all possibilities of physical & psychological change that you will derisively attempt to achieve.
You wish…

I have one major resolution and that is to be constantly tempted. So my very first temptation is called WIJW or
The fabulous Mr JAMES ANDREW owns this address where he unveils multiple choices of life & style, crowned with images of superior aesthetics and pertinent advice.



James grew-up with a distinguished taste and a strong will for dignified living. And he shares his knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world.
He is the chicest style sower, the mate you always dreamed of having beside you to guide you on every step of your wardrobe choices and much more.
He calls it “Elevated living”. With James among us we can present the very best possible version of ourselves by creating a more beautiful reality for ourselves and the world around us.
James and his delicate insight into clothing, architecture & design, food and travel provide you with endless possibilities of everyday blossoming.
It’s almost theatrical and it is like a limited edition of your own reality.


Three words to describe Jame’s universe: chic, fresh & sexy. It is fair enough for me and my serious aesthetics penchant.

James Andrew is also an interior designer


With his very welcomed daring approach on a classical background, he creates impeccable ambiances.
And the positioning is symmetrical. Very important for those who like law & order.

I had this great opportunity to chat with James. Lovely person. His kind words & irresistible charms can make you melt. In other words, this is a superior sentiment.

So gentlemen, for those of you who are still not acquainted with super James, you still have a lot to experience.
Holidays & Holly Days are over, but in James we trust…

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