Waterproof Sony Walkman MP3 Player: For Hardcore Athletes or Just Casual Swimmer

Sony unveiled the NWZ-W27, its first fully waterproof Sony Walkman MP3 Player.


Designed to be conveniently and comfortably worn to the gym, the trail, the treadmill, or even into the pool, the player features 4GB of internal memory, up to eight hours of playback on a full battery, and a handy three-minute quick-charge function that gives a fully-depleted battery an extra hour of music. Completely waterproof, this new walkman withstands not just water but the sweat from intense workouts, making it perfect for everyone from the health!




As music is a vital component to enable a vigorous workout, from now, everyone from casual fitness enthusiasts to hard-core triathletes can enjoy their favorite music while they train or compete – whether on land or in the water. On sale soon.

Image source: Sony
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