The SUITS: The New Generation of Tailoring

Wearing a suit has been a multiple answers issue for all of us. Besides the price intolerably high for sharp cuts and precious materials, there is the question of the uniform-like aura of this object called “the suit”.

So what are we to do?


Roger Elsten is the Belgian guy from Antwerp that, we strongly believe, has the answers to your questions.

He founded THE SUITS. The collection is certainly rock & roll inspired. This shows in the narrow lapels and the jackets cut short. But even more noticeable are quality details like the invisible sewing stitches and the stretch effect of each and every fabric. This also ensures comfort and a desirable sexy fitting. Not to mention the affordable price range.


This is not a uniform. This should become an every-day wardrobe reflex. THE SUITS collection is meant to everyone including all these guys that don’t have to but still hesitate to sport a suit.

The collection was first shown in Paris and Milan and is now available worldwide.

If you feel like you are in a heavy style rotation, you should go for THE SUITS.

Image source: THE SUITS
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