Mister L.B Lives His Dreams

Ludo Barras is Mister L.B. Ludo designs and makes bow-ties. Not ordinary bow-ties, the ones that you define as authentic accessories and not merely as a protocol obligation on your outfit.

He handles some of the most noble materials. With fine wool, jersey, prince-of-wales, velvet, leather, but with diamonds & pearls as well, he squeezes with extra-care this sweet piece of fabric into a tempting bonbon knot.


What sounds fascinating about Ludo’s work is the way he twists formal codes. Each and every piece becomes a symbol of your daily mood. It is like going through a procedure of messaging with style. And these lucid contrasts between the symbolism of the bow-tie as an object and the embellishment of it deserves an “A+”. What would you think about a six-shooter badge and his diamond bullets on a bow-tie? No offense, this is a style alibi.


Despite any theory about it, there is also a delicate technical aspect not to be ignored. All bow-ties are handmade, implying meticulous work, craftsmanship and without any doubt a personalized perception of things.


And then, let’s not forget about the man. Ludo Barras observed very well his timing in life. He woke-up before he dreamed his life away. He took control of his reality and ever since leads an awe-inspiring life. From his early age he was aware of his motivations, capabilities and interests. French born, he studied Marketing & Luxury Goods at the University of Cambridge, he travelled all over the globe and now at 27 he is based in L.A, since 2008.

Mr Ludo Barras


Ludo is one of these “no restrictions” mates that offer themselves a multi-purpose day ahead. The bow-ties are his most recent launch. Ludo is also a talented Event Director for major events. Among others, the Premiere of “Sex & the City 2” and some Emmy Awards after-parties. All organized with the same aesthetics’ insight and skillfulness.

The best is yet to come or he has already achieved it. Whatever the statement is, he is unstoppable. Currently, he is designing a ready to wear collection and a leather goods line for men due at the end of this year. And I heard something about some TV show projects.

I praise the urban twisted rigor that Ludo creates and that grants us a style credit.

He is smart and he is the new sexy. He sees “La vie en bow-tie”.

Available on www.misterlb.com

Facebook Mister L.B.

Image source: www.misterlb.com
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