Levi’s SS 13 and the Effortless Cool

It is recognized that LEVI’S is one of the most imitated labels worldwide. Over 140 years of style and functionality they created iconic pieces, blockbuster campaigns, they keep on being cherished by everyday people and rock stars and established unprecedented identity.
They stand now as a label that offers the full style icon range. A head to toe look and not just a pair of jeans.
This season is dedicated to craft and quality.

The waxed canvas jacket. And beyond that, have a glance at the urban ease that goes with it.


Design is now a primary concern. And the finishing techniques are not to be neglected. From dip dyed, foam and modern abrasion along with oil and wax to bolster functionality.

But the high point this season remains the tailored utility. This is the suede trucker jacket with the classic one pocket shirt, on the tailored vest, and the 504 regular straight and inked.


The cuts are bold and the features innovative.

The significant detail is that this collection marks the first time in the 140 years history that the 501 will be offered in non-denim. This is the next evolution of this timeless piece.

An unrelenting drive towards progress.

Image source: www.levi.com
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