Achraf Amiri & That Devilish Smile of His


GUSMEN knows Achraf for a long time now. “Trash” is his middle name.

Is he really the hidden son of the Addams family? What I certainly know is that I am ecstatic facing an Amiri illustration. “Illustrashion” is how he writes it.

Achraf is this dark skinned, wide-eyed boy that magnifies the extravagance of the entourage we call “Fashion”. The socialites around don’t get away either.

There is implicit filthy behaviour, and success lies right there. He claims that fashion can be boring, and authentic is what he is.

There is an agreement here. Contemplating with obstinacy his illustrations you will notice an immeasurable number of meaningful details. His sadistic creative mind highlights more than despises icons.

His videos can show you even more.

All opinions well expressed, it’s now time to give you a hint of his latest achievement.

We all drop our phones…


Be aware of what he is capable of. He is the next hot thing!
Full collection on issuu.

AA’s Facebook page.

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Image source:  Achraf Amiri          
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