LEVI’S 501, The Same as Always but Like Never Before

Which other piece of cloth relates so close to powerful memories of yours? Undeniably, your 501. Its makers reinvented a legend.
The next best moment is May 2013, like 140 years after the creation of the copper, riveted, waist overalls, referring to what is named nowadays the “jeans”.
Reinvention of the 501 and launch of the non-denim version.

Reinvention is good, origins are compulsory. May 20, 1873 when Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented their first pair of 501 blue jeans, what were they expecting? Practical work-wear. It comes by all means when you least expect it. The most famous pair of jeans in denim history and consequently the most mind-blowing, referring this time to all the styling possibilities around and the sexiness as well. Be anyone, anytime…
Originally, it featured a cinch and a buckle on the back of the waistband with a suspender button for obvious practical purposes. The back pocket’s Arc stich symbol is trademark. In 1886, the “Two Horses” leather patch enhanced authentic. Belt loops were stitched in 1922 and in 1936 the tiny Red Tab makes a difference.

One could hardly imagine the modern cowboy.


Make a mind shake and try to remember the sexy stud with initials N.C. stripping in beautiful launderettes, for your eyes only.

The four-piece non-denim collection is modern tension. It comes in ivy green, true chino, chalk blue and mineral red. The fitting is tighter, more eased around the waist, pockets are larger to store your latest smart toys, and the yoke is shallower for a cleaner aesthetic. Technical features excel. Stronger stitches, reinforced belt loops, inseams, buttonholes and cuffs. Nothing changes concerning the body molding effect. Mind-shake again with the hot stud in the bathtub.


Time Magazine named it “fashion item of the 20th century”.

Image source: LEVI’S
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