Reebok Classic x Keith Haring Foundation: A Mind-Blowing Collection

Reebok introduced an exciting and unique collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation and created a Haring inspired version of their iconic sneaker.


A part of the Reebok’s Affili’Art initiative, which saw collaborative projects with the likes of Jean-Michael Basquiat and Ryan McGinness, the Keith Haring x Reebok Collection will add some Haring’s most recognizable works onto a series of Reebok Classic Leather silhouettes.



The distinctive collection features much-loved Reebok Classic silhouettes – the Classic Leather, Classic Leather Mid, NPC II, Workout Plus and Freestyle – that were first introduced during the 1980s, around the same time as some of Haring’s most acclaimed work.







The all leather shoe features a wool ‘man-on-all-fours’ decal on the heel of shoe and some colors that would no doubt have made the man proud.

The Reebok x Haring range is available in the best boutiques around the world from now.

Image source: Reebok
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