MONTBLANC LEGEND Limited Edition: A Magnificent Icy Scent

Luxury pen and watch maker Mont Blanc has adroitly made its first forays into the world of men’s cologne with the Mont Blanc Legend fragrance.
This fragrance is dedicated to inspiring, virtuous and self-confident men who are courageous, passionate and authentic. The incarnation of a resolutely masculine fragrance, both modern and yet timeless.
These days, MONTBLANC introduces a new scent that delivers a true sensory thrill: an icy fresh fragrance for spring and summer 2013 : MONTBLANC LEGEND Limited Edition.


Olivier Pescheux, the perfumer behind this fragrance has been reinterpreted the scent for this new essence. The fragrance conjures up icy notes without departing from the captivating and refined signature of the original.

The thrill and feel are different but just as magnificent, with the harmony of ferns retaining a very masculine character. A new scented facet comes with a new promise of brisk crispness underscoring its invigorating freshness.


MONTBLANC LEGEND Limited Edition is invigorating, with preserved ginger, high notes of lime, bergamot and essential oil of lavender. Boosted by white cedar and rose, rounded with a background note of Evernyl*, sandalwood and tonka bean, it retains a controlled, homogeneous olfactory core. The perfume’s metamorphosis is complete. Both carnal and crystalline, elegant and relevant, it gives skin and body a masculine tonic that bursts with freshness.

The colours of the bottle has a frosty look and touch. The effect is amplified by deep blue to black fading to transparency on the sides. The scent retains the exact, flattering lines of the original, which are both virile and contemporary, and the specific codes of the MONTBLANC LEGEND bottle.

Image source: Montblanc
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