Vipp Trash Bins by Chef Alain Passard

Originally, the Danish design company Vipp created the pedal bin for the professional market, where doctors, hairdressers and chefs found it indispensable due to its sturdy physique and practical pedal. Since 1939, the Vipp bin has made its entry into restaurants worldwide. Today, the pedal bin can be found in commercial and private residences throughout the world.


Vipps celebrates this history with a collaborative series of pedal bins designed by Alain Passard of l’Arpège in Paris.
The collages realized by Alain Passard are visual translations of his passion for cooking: a play of coloursand textures found on paper as well as on his plates. The artworks reflect the influence of vegetables in his kitchen and the importance of the eye in the creation of a recipe. Together with his book ‘Recette et Collages’ recently published in English (‘The art of cooking with vegetables), the collaboration with Vipp is a testimony to his artistic approach to cooking combined with his predilection for high-quality kitchen tools.





From his book of 48 illustrated recipes, the chef has selected 10 to decorate Vipp’s more than 70-year old bin transformed to a limited edition collection of 40 numbered copies sold exclusively in the Arrière-Cuisine of l’Arpège and in the Vipp Flagships Store in Copenhagen.

The limited edition bins are available from May 15 in three sizes: 15, 18, and 30 liters with 10 different motives sold together with Alain Passard’s book ‘Recipes & Collages’ starting from 300 euro.

Vipp Flagship Store Ny Østergade 34 1101 København K

Arrière Cuisine 57, rue de Bourgogne 75007 Paris

Image source: VIPP
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