Azzaro Chrome Summer Edition 2013: the Smell of the Heat


The word “summer”, after a perfume’s name, tends to make most perfumistas roll their eyes as we have become trained to think of a lighter more “fresh” interpretation of an already released fragrance. Azzaro Paris had, until last year, never released any seasonal flankers for one of their most popular releases ever: 1996’s Chrome.

Chrome was already a bright and fresh scent that lasted impressively for your typical citrus aromatic pseudo-aquatic, and has been (for the last 17 years) one of the best- selling mainstream colognes on the market


This year’s seasonal version has been improved greatly. It comes in a beautifully decorated classic bottle, like its namesake, with an image of the sea, summer sky and Mediterranean shore visible through the paler blue, almost clear, juice. The scent and the bottle match each other perfectly.

Chrome Summer Edition 2013 definitely has Chrome DNA but is much more relaxed soft-spoken and reserved. This fragrance offers freshness enriched by notes typical of the Mediterranean. It opens with bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin and Italian lemon. The heart beats in a rhythm of flowers, sea notes and neroli, while the base closes with Spanish cypress, Moroccan cedar, papyrus and black tea.

If you are looking for an affordable not run-of-the-mill hot weather scent for yourself, you could do much worse than this truly outstanding flanker that is a welcoming island in a seemingly endless sea of humdrum oceanic fragrances. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the weather or skin chemistry…but I actually prefer its flanker to the original-and that’s saying something! Azzaro Chrome summer edition is perfect for the warm summer months!

Azzaro Chrome Summer Edition 2013 is available as 100 ml EDT

Image source: Azzaro Paris
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