Polo Red: A New Scent of Strength, Masculinity and Character.


Polo Red is a ferocious and energizing carrying the scent of strength, masculinity and character The polo shirts by the design house of Ralph Lauren have evolved into a complete cult trademark. They are stylish, casual and timeless. Ralph Lauren does not only enjoy his fantastic success in the clothing industry but also in the fragrance world, where he has become famous by introducing fragrances as olfactory equivalents of his clothing.

This year the popular Ralph Lauren Polo fragrance collection gets a new powerful fragrant member with the arrival of the new Ralph Lauren Polo Red fragrance for men.


The latest edition by the house of Ralph Lauren, Polo Red is a ferocious and energizing carrying the scent of strength, masculinity and character that ignites the thrill seeker in every man. It can be classified as Woody Spicy fragrance which includes ingredients fitting the red color.

This powerful composition wants to surcharge your sensations with pure adrenaline bringing to the foreground the spirit of adventure and sportsmanship synonymous with the character of Ralph Lauren. Most notable element of this new creation is the red signal that travels through all the layers of fragrance ingredients. The adventure starts with a fruity and invigorating boost of opening notes in a blend of red grapefruit, cranberry and Italian lemon.


The voyage continues with the heart sustaining the powerful rhythm with Red saffron, lavender and red root sage resulting in a totally unique experience.


The quest reaches its end when the dry down finally settles in with amber, coffee bean and red cedar leaving a trail of satisfaction from reaching your destiny while highlighting the seductive power of the Polo Red character.


Ralph Lauren Polo Red fragrance composition is a creation of Olivier Gillotin .
The Polo Red fragrance series is housed in the iconic shaped bottle of the classic Polo that was first designed by Bormioli Rocco.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red is available from August in 40 ml, 75 ml and 125 ml Eau de Toilette along hair and body bath 200 ml.

Image source: Ralph Lauren
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