The Librairy in Brussels: Escape from the Cubicles


“The Library” is a whole new concept just opened in Brussels; a members-only, business centre, coworking club and event venue which combines Belgian charm and Scandinavian design. The Danish founder, Anne-Sofie Rehfeld, seeks to provide a new type of work environment that is both inspirational and cosy.

“We spend the best and most productive hours, days and years of our lives at work. Here, we are expected to perform with maximum results and yet the environment we work in has often been given a minimum of thought, consideration and investment. The Library is conceived and designed to provide a mental oasis in a world of cubicles”, says founder of The Library, Anne-Sofie Rehfeld.

Drawing from a decade of working with high-end hotels, Danish interior design and luxury jewellery, Anne-Sofie has created an eclectic mix of Danish design, antiques and all the conveniences of a modern office.

The Library offers private offices, coworking areas, meeting rooms and reception halls in a completely renovated, classic maison de maître situated between Avenue Louise and the lakes of Ixelles. Members of The Library also have the option to enjoy a relaxing lounge with newspapers and magazines, a peaceful garden, kitchens and a dining nook, gastronomic treats, networking cocktails and great coffee.

A serene working experience
The interior design of the house is based on a courageous mix of Danish design objects collected over a decade in Copenhagen, statement lamps, custom-made furniture and family antiques and paintings that have been passed down through generations. “Antiques and vintage furniture serve as healthy reminders that in the larger scheme of things our worries are not as important as we fear. Inherited pieces add soul to the house and make you feel at home”, Anne-Sofie van den Born Rehfeld explains. The feeling of cosiness and tranquillity is also obtained through the signature scents Menthe, Silence and Calming provided by the Danish soap and lotion company Tromborg.





The Library is at Rue de l’Aurore 4, which is located between Avenue Louise and the lakes of Ixelles.
For more info check the website.

Image source: The Librairy
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