Banks – This Is What It Feels Like

BANKS heats up the screen with “This Is What It Feels Like” video. Los Angeles R&B singer spends most of the clip writhing in her kitchen, which would be super boring if she didn’t look incredible and hide in the shadows like the hottest character never to appear on American Horror Story.
Filming the video in the middle of a thunderstorm is a nice touch. The darkness and gloom reflects the tracks moody synths and menacing beats.

« This Is What It Feels Like » is the second single from her EP which honors its title by outsourcing its production duties to Londoners Lil Silva and Jamie Woon. The duo surround Banks’ vocals with groaning bass and pillow-soft synths, making sure the listener realizes “what it feels like” is more important than knowing what “it” actually is. Love it !

Video source: Bansks
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