SodaStream Source: the Wood Version

One year after the successful launch of SodaStream Source, the soda machine designed by Yves Béhar, SodaStream is the leader in the home soda market. From now, SodaStream offers a new model, the SodaStream Wood Source.
SodaStream is following one of the major trends in the interior design that uses raw materials.


This new SodaStream Source is available in lacquered beech with a white or black plastic front. With Wood Source, SodaStream shows that careful design and durability are a winning combination. This stylish device not only allows you to give to your kitchen an elegant touch, but also to avoid wasting some 550 plastic bottles per year per household.

It transforms regular tap water into sparkling refreshments right at home, stored within reusable bottles. The use of their appliances allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by at least 65% each time you make your own soda rather than buying the store bought variety, while the footprint of sparkling water made with SodaStream is at least 80% less than the pre-packaged kind!



The Source is indeed an ecological alternative to soft drinks available in supermarkets. The device comes with a reusable bottle that fits easily thanks to an ingenious snap-lock mechanism.
The unit is powered by a CO2 cartridge situated on the back of Source. A touch lets you transform a snap of the tap water in the gas. You want a little or a lot of bubbles? The choice is yours. LEDs instantly inform the level of carbonation. Each SodaStream carbonating bottle is reusable for three years, saving up to 2000 plastic bottles and aluminium cans for an average family!

And if you are looking to cut down on calories but still want to add a fruity twist to your sparkling water, then SodaStream has the perfect solution with its pioneering range of My Water flavour essences.

Available in 8 mouth-watering variants – raspberry, lemon lime, lemon strawberry, strawberry, pomegranate, rhubarb, pear and blueberry – the all-natural, unsweetened essences are designed to lightly flavour sparkling water with just half a teaspoon needed per litre of liquid.


To create, simply fill a SodaStream carbonating bottle with ordinary tap water, carbonate to your desired level and add half a teaspoon of your chosen My Water concentrate. Replace the bottle cap and twist gently to allow the flavour to infuse. Simple, quick and delicious – the perfect way to health conscious hydration!


The new My Water line-up joins SodaStream’s ‘better for you’ collection of flavours and includes an exciting new range of soda mixes made with Stevia. It’s perfect for those looking to cut down the calories, but still enjoy a naturally sweet taste from your soft drink.

Image source: SodaStream
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