SB2E: A Blender to Make Cold and Hot Soup by Cuisinart

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Along with being a high-performance blender you are also able to cook, blend and serve hot soup in a fraction of the time. Yes, you heard that right: you can make soup with the Cuisinart Blender (SB2E).

A heating plate is built into the pitcher assembly and there’s nothing fiddly about it. Also, the buttons on the base make things as clear as possible. There’s a timer for the heater (if you’re not making smoothies), “Low” for melting butter and getting your onions and garlic nicely browned, “High” to boil the soup once you add the stock and “Simmer” to cook vegetables through.??When the soup is cooking you can even hit a “Stir” button to gently get the ingredients moving through the soup.

If you like your soup with big pieces of vegetables, simply add them later in the process. If smooth soups are more to your liking then you’ll want to make ample use of the blending functions. Creamy leek and potato soup can be ready in 20 minutes.

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So, if you make soup often, you can put those pots and pans away. Making things even easier here is the self-clean feature and the lid’s built-in measuring cup.

Of course, when all of that is finished it does the job of a really good blender. There’s a pulse feature and four blending speeds.

This appliance gives “running hot and cold” a really good name. Enjoy.

Image source: Cuisinart
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