UERMI Fragrance Collection


The story begins like a three-way passion. Three “noses”, a convergence of senses and an alternative vision on fabrics and materials.
Jean Jacques, Antoine Lie and Philippe Bousseton share the common knowledge of parallelism. In other words, this would be the common pleasure they experience when wearing a fabric or when wearing a perfume. And they share it as the discovery of a hidden treasure. This one would be UERMI… like Wear Me.
A fragrance collection of five precious scents: Velvet, Cashmere, Denim, Suede and Silk.

We chose two strong texture companions.

Denim is daring in all the ways and moments to wear it. Philippe Bousseton hit & scored choosing the tuberose in this expression of boldness. Denim survives and embellishes through extreme conditions of usage and then remains so not vulnerable. In the way that neroli essentials, musc and vanilla exalt and do not vanish the tuberose effect.


Jean Jacques created Silk. It reveals after all the most subtle touch on a skin. The most vivid and the one that broke through all centuries as well. Silk is a spring muse and it sensualizes hot summer nights. Pulps of fig, sparkling citrus and wood scents make the statement of a smooth allure.

Precious bottles are exclusive to indelible places. This one would be CCS for CACHEMIRE COTON SOIE, the Brussels based store of understated luxury. Sophie Helsmoortel conceptualized and developed a space of unique garments. The ones that address to those wiling to go for effortless aura. The UERMI collection is Sophie’s latest discovery.

Image source: Uermi ; Cachemirecotonsoie.com
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