ALLURE 2014: Jean-Paul Knott, Melinda Gloss, Control Studio

Menswear takes on evolutionary paths. Easy statement that is, trustworthy though. Three designers and three collections that seem to intensify summer wear.

A rock steady vision on pure lines and light volumes. This is who JPK is. A boy or a man in leather or cotton tops that bear angel slogans like for a literary aesthetic. It is about nostalgic readings that mentally remained and long to be sealed within a season.
It is also about key issues like comfort and easiness and the way they embrace the everyday style savvies.
Photo credits Hidemi Lizuka



Founders Mathieu de Ménonville and Rémi de Laquitaine are the men about town. Being on trend means also being the politically correct rule breakers. So, underneath presumably “bourgeois” silhouettes, lies a “anti” something aura. And it shows. Unexpected layerings of fabrics, minimalist samples of art and sleeveless tattooed provocations are the showcase of it all. Not to mention the new retro-futurist shades collaboration with Thierry Lasry and their new edition of the G2 tennis shoes.
These boys are wanderers of style.



Don’t fear the new restless. The Studio’s first collection elevates street-wear into higher theories and principles. Unadorned, all items are sharp cut and with weaved nonchalance. The Studio’s description of things is that they are clinical, fair and impartial. Whichever the style ethics are here, they speak-out for a specific point of streetwise view.



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