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Tanya Chalkin is an English photographer who has a big following among lesbians and she has also reached cult status with her picture, ”The Kiss”. It depicts two girls dressed in white cotton underwear, lying on a bed kissing each other. According to Tanya Chalkin’s webpage the picture has stirred up interest at a production company in Hollywood that wants to develop a film based on said picture.


I think I know with relatively large certainty where she found the inspiration for this cult acclaimed picture. Her girlfriend, way back when we were college students, had a picture of two models kissing each other. It had the honorary place in Joanna’s room in the Halls of Residence where the three of us lived. Tanya attended London College of Printing and Distributive Trades while Joanna and I went to London College of Fashion. Tanya has today created a niche for herself as a photographer and has apart from created popular poster pictures also photographed for fashion magazines and for record labels like Universal Music and Warner Records.

Tanya Chalkin is working on a coffee table book that is due to come out within a foreseeable future. Apart from her more fashion orientated work you can also buy her work that is related to the Olympic Games in London 2012, and which are approved by the LOCOG as official pictures.

“I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to create exciting images with a cool, chic, iconic and modern approach to London and for The London 2012 Olympics. It has been extremely important to me as a British Photographer / Image maker.” Said Tanya Chalkin then.

Tanya Chalkin has reached cult status. Prince Albert of Monaco has her pictures in his collection and she has created pictures for the Olympics in London 2012, but to me she will always be the girl I shared a home with in Clapham South, London. The girl that I screamed my lungs out with when we watched horror films and who I shopped with at Tescos on Sunday mornings, slightly hung over and dressed in pajamas.

Those were the days!

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