There’s one watch-maker that keeps on turning up the heat. The SWATCH revolution has began and it was no surprise ever since it started out in 1983 that the refined plastic watch emerged from a creative mental exercise and went down on your wrists. Because of their very keen support to art, SWATCH made their way to the 32nd edition of the Art Brussels Fair, one of the top five international art fairs. And there occurred the latest breakthrough collaboration with OLAF HAJEK, renowned German artist & illustrator.


Olaf is a flower guy. He loves to paint flowers and he adores the flower life-cycle. His vision of the situation is a total flower bloom. A universe of symbols we all cherish and that on his paintings are “off-kiltered”. They grow beautifully, they do you good, they can be mischievous as well and then they die.


But Olaf is also a nature-man guy. The curling leaves around the gentle faces express more than gratitude to the greatness of it all. The work features a face on the dial, this time a formal portrait of a blue-green man gazing into the distance from a surreal landscape dense with spiky plants and brightly colored flowers. On both timepieces, curling leaves that appear to float above the faces serve as hour and minute hands.

OLAF H. SET Limited

Flowerhead and Nature man are available as a set of two in special packaging in a limited and numbered edition of 888 pieces.

Olaf Hajek, Swatch, Berlin, 2014, copyright

Electric atmosphere on the way!

Image source: Swatch
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