Dr. Denim is an independent progressive denim brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden, established in 2004.
Listen to your heart. Dr. Denim always listens to its own feelings. Things have to feel right, or there’s just no sense in continuing. It’s also important not to try to force feelings that aren’t there. Feelings must be genuine.


A pair of jeans can begin with a fleeting impression. An apparently insignificant film experience. Small, odd impressions that trigger ideas, which lead to a whole chain of thought that finally ends up on the sketch pad. Daring to experiment and investigate is important for the first phase of the process. This is where feeling must be allowed to take a leading role. Impulsiveness and humour must be given free rein as well. The sketches soon develop. First as scruffy, rapid lines on white paper, then transformed into a serious blueprint for action. At Dr. Denim, all inspiration is abstract and internal. Collections are built around ideas and visions.


At Dr. Denim they believe in beauty. Things should look good for the sake of looking good.
Beautiful Jeans Are Created By:Exciting, workable basic ideas. The original concept behind the style should be strong and interesting. These ideas often come from people they see and their behaviour. Impulses can also come from more unexpected directions, such as music, films or dreams*.
Geometry describes shapes. From individual points they create lines and angles, and from there circles and other geometric objects. They think that geometry is stunning,
Water is a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen, and is a much stronger force than you might think. Running surface water, groundwater, rain, waves and ice all have a secret weapon. It is called erosion. At Dr. Denim we know what water can achieve. They know the great effects they can obtain using water and when to be careful with chemical compounds.


Image source: www.drdenimjeans.com
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