Alexander Skarsgård – Pure Swedish Dynamite

When the second episode of the seventh and last season of True Blood aired, the screens were on fire! It featured a scene between Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten shedding their clothes and locking lips. It blew all the circuits on the Internet as it spread like wildfire.


True Blood has through the years been very generous in giving us a lot of skin, graphic sex scenes and mind blowing twists and turns in the plot. This tale of vampires shot Alexander Skarsgård into the stratosphere of fame. I know that I am biased but he is truly Pure Swedish Dynamite.


Alexander has in numerous interviews attested to that nudity scenes are not a problem and it is always credited (both from him and the interviewers) to Sweden’s relaxed view on nudity. That has also given us the stereotypical stamp of being sex obsessed. I’m sorry if I burst any bubbles but we are no more obsessed than any other nationality, but if you spend more than half of the year looking like a Michelin Man lookalike you shed your clothes when summer comes knocking.

And we should be utterly thankful for that. Because otherwise we might not have seen Alexander Skarsgård in all his glory on prime time TV playing with just as hot co-star Ryan Kwanten. Ringadingding! There was only one fault with the scene. It was too short!


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