AZZARO pour Homme : A Timeless, Confidant, Masculine Classic Fragrance

[wide]AZZARO-PourHomme[/wide]Azzaro pour Homme is an elegant, classic fragrance for men. Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. Created by Gerard Anthony, Martin Heiddenreich and Richard Wirtz, Azzaro pour Homme was launched in 1978.

Azzaro is one of the more spicy and sharp-edged fougère scents, its topnotes bristling with caraway, iris, lavender, clary sage, basil, anise, bergamot and lemon. I really appreciate this one for what it is, a wonderful, masculine fougère. Middle notes are sandalwood, juniper berries, patchouli, vetiver, cedar and cardamom.


Sillage and projection are pleasant and moderate (it gets much softer on skin after 2 hours), and the amber and spices in the dry down smells wonderful on skin, and makes people want to get closer (love it).

Ultimately, what I get from this upon smelling it is: Handsome, modern Italian man, in a classically well made suit, evening wear, in an elegant hotel or restaurant (somewhere on the Mediterranean coast in Italy), he’s sitting with a beautiful companion, he’s, confidant, relaxed, and just enjoying the other person’s beautiful company….



This is for someone who is confidant, carries himself well, who is interesting and experienced, not arrogant in any way, but not shy either. Probably a dark, handsome, confidant and well dressed man who is totally comfortable being himself. In a word, self-assured.

Azzaro is far too assertive for today’s pallid, spineless men’s fragrance market. Thank goodness. And thank Loris Azzaro for leaving this classic stand, alongside Kouros, as a monument to the scent industry’s braver days.


Image source: Azzaro
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