The Cruise by La Demence

[wide][/wide] Welcome aboard a magical boat of sensations! The Cruise by La Demence.
The movie you’re about to watch will give you memorable chills. It takes us back to July 2014. This was the 4th edition and its success was beyond any expectation.


Thousands of beautiful people and a myriad of fabulously smiley crew gather to holiday, celebrate. The ingredients are appetizing and the mix is of delicious flavor. Dream-like landscapes, light-energy therapy, excursions, games, spas, non-stop kitchen run, shows, parties… Yes! That kind of “tonight I feel like dancing, I wanna lose control…” parties. The ones you dance like nobody is watching and yet the ones where you become one with all those you’re going to shoulder-cry about when all this is over.

And for those of you who prefer lighter versions of yourselves, you can make your case. Being sun-touched and sea-breezed is easier done than said.

No frustrations and no judgment are like leitmotivs. And instead, a crowd sailing in harmony, also like a state of independence, governed by the power of gentle nonchalance.
A state of mind? Let us not forget the freedom of choice you all cherish when you embrace such opportunities of being nobody else but yourself.
How FUN-tastic this experience can be! How unique a 7-days sailing away can make you feel!

The award goes to the one and only Thierry Coppens, the nightlife senator and world-wide known instigator of grandiose ambiances. When Thierry throws the party, it means moving happily ever hysterical followers.
Huge consideration is also due to the attentive crew and the king DJs for the unstoppable “heart” beats on this boat life.

How more memorable can it be? The 5th edition will show and we trust it will achieve the next generation of fun and entertainment!

Next dates: July 18-25, 2015
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