Billy Nord – Fortitude & Fashion

A mix of the man off the soil and stylish, fashionable accessories. That is Billy Nord.

Billy has grown up far north in Sweden and has a profound interest in tending the soil of his ancestors and leaving it for future generations. That is one part of the Nord family history. The other is that of entrepreneurship. Billy’s maternal grandfather started a shoe company that has delivered high quality products for years and years. Considering that heritage with a flair for business and a keen sense for fashion Billy Nord had early on his goals set.


Billy Nord ventured to Borås, the Swedish textile city above all others, to pursue his education in design and entrepreneurship. He felt that he needed to put his learned theories into practice and decided to start a company. His journey was that classical one of trial and error. Billy Nord wanted to start with something smaller like a bowtie. After tested making them in leather and failed he looked for other materials. Billy Nord found a soft suede and then by chance he went past a vintage shop, bought a dress and used that material also. Then the idea and concept was a fact. To make bowties out of recycled materials.

Billy Nord is always on a treasure hunt for vintage clothes and textiles and in so making very unique men’s accessories. At the moment his bowties are sold at in several places from his own webpage to NK, Sweden’s top department store.
“I feel very passionate about what I do and I really appreciate the creative work. I like all of it, truth to be said.” Billy Nord says and continues: “For me it is important to make good products, and be involved in as many aspects of the production process as possible. I want to be proud of the things I present to the market, and I hope that some of my pride is shown in the craftsmanship and the creativity of my products.”

News are that Billy Nord starts a different line with bowties where he has designed the fabric patterns himself. He also offers a new way of fastening the bowties which makes it easier for the user to put them on and take off.

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