Bell & Ross FighterJet-Inspired BR 03-94 Rafale Watch

[wide]BellRoss_2015_BR03-94_Rafale_5200euro(1)[/wide] Inspired by the history of aviation and its technological advances, Bell & Ross collections pay homage to the key periods in civil and military aviation from 1900 to the present day.

The military world has always been a pioneer in numerous fields. Its innovations have had various applications in civilian life, such as the Internet, GPS or even the first business jets. Creating avant-garde technological ties between its civil and military activities, Dassault Aviation has acquired unquestionable expertise of the highest standard.
Bell & Ross and Dassault Aviation share the same passion for aviation, which guides them in their respective creations..

This year, the two companies are joining forces once again to celebrate the most successful multi-role fighter aircraft on the market: The Rafale.

At the beginning of the Rafale programme in the mid-1980s, the French Air Force and Navy expressed the need to replace seven different types of fighter aircraft with a single multi-purpose model. The Rafale is the result of this streamlining initiative.


The Rafale is France’s next generation fighter, capable of anything from photography to nuclear strikes. The fiercely independent French are pretty proud of the Rafale, so it makes sense that Parisian based Bell & Ross, who are partial to a timepiece inspired by the world of military aviation, would pay homage to this home-made machine with its own watch.


The new BR 03-94 Rafale features a matte black ceramic case and a matte grey dial, matching the material and color of the Rafale fighter. The distinct typography on the dial and the use of orange accents are subtle nods to the aircraft, and set the model apart from the rest of the newly-updated BR 03 range. Finished off with a rubber strap, the new edition comes in a limited batch of only 500 pieces.

Image source: Bell&Ross
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