Anna of The North – The Dreamer


Norwegian singer Anna of the North caught my attention last year with her expansive, gorgeously crafted pop music. Capping off the year with the brilliant “Oslo,” she left us eager to hear what’s next from her. Shimmering and bigger sounding than ever before, “The Dreamer” is her most polished track to date.

Expanding upon the sounds and floral beauty explored in her earlier output, “The Dreamer” has Anna sounding stadium ready. Its simple but infectious chorus and striking production works wonders in conjunction with her voice, which is the clearest it’s ever been here. Scandinavians really are the best at crafting pop music, and Anna is no exception. “The Dreamer” will be released 20 November via HDifferent (UK), but you can listen to it right now.

Image source: Anna of The North
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