This season the design team has reached out to 2501 to become the brand’s 10th House Guest Artist. What is so clever about 2501’s works is the fact that he is masterfully able to achieve an organic, 3D feel in his art through the use of lines. This manipulation of lines placed against a plain background delivers a hypnotizing effect to all his works of art.


The end product of his artistry is sharp, elegant and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Another component visible in 2501’s art is his use of circles. The integration of this element into his work provides a vulnerability that is unexpected next to the dominance of his line work. In all his creations, whether it be canvas, paper, or walls, there is an obvious progression in size, detail and complexity that accompanies 2501’s works.


His installations, in comparison, grant his audience a more natural, organic contrast to what is customary in his other pieces. His ability to play with different forms of media while remaining devoted to line use has allowed 2501 to develop into the incredible artist that he is today. 
His work is rarely authorized for commercial project, focusing primarily on both legal and outlaw urban murals and integrated media projects. Denham is privileged to have the work of 2501 appear on the season’s flagship parka ‘The Arktos’ and their latest HGA t-shirt.




Image source: DENHAM
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