SAMURAI : Rituals’ Collection for Men.

This collection is inspired by the ancient Japanese Samurai warriors, who paid great attention to their personal appearance. Their careful grooming traditions were aimed at creating an appearance that builds power, control and confidence to support their battles and challenges. RITUALS… has translated this ancient Japanese tradition into a modern day custom for urban men. This grooming collection for men that will help you face the challenges of everyday life by being groomed to perfection in only a few simple steps; Skin. Shave. Body.


The Samurai collection consists of innovative skin and body products, which are formulated with powerful botanicals. Tiger Grass, Ginseng and Organic Bamboo protect and nourish your skin.
The Japanese Mint refreshes and revitalizes both body and mind.

Face the challenges of everyday life with the Samurai Cool scrub and Samurai Cleanse face wash to exfoliate and purify the skin.



For an ultra-smooth shave result and fresh appearance use the Samurai Magic Shave gel and Shave Repair lotion.



The cooling Ice Shower gel and Cool Deo Spray revitalize and refresh your body, and give you 24 hours of protection.



Image source: Rituals
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