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Rare are the artists who have published papers with scientists because the science they had to feed on was too limited! To extend the frontier of art, Tómas first had to push the frontier of […] science. – Bruno Latour, 2016.

Many suns and worlds is Tomás Saraceno’s first solo exhibition in Belgium. Designed especially for the project space of the Vanhaerents Art Collection, this exhibition features a new site-specific installation by the artist, as a part of his ambitious Cloud Cities project.

Tomás Saraceno’s most recent installations are experimental by nature: they critically deploy insights coming from the scientific realm and set forth the artist’s innovative thinking about various social, political and economic themes, such as urbanism, mobility and ecology.

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Saraceno’s artistic projects and ideas share a distinct relationship with the works of ground-breaking architects from the fifties and sixties. An unbridled utopian vision aligns his work with that of Richard Buckminster Fuller.
The Cloud Cities’ series presents Tomás Saraceno’s futuristic vision of a modular and transnational city in the clouds as an achievement of sustainable and emancipatory building practices.
The utopic realisation projects a flying city that is slowly gliding through the sky in cloud-like formations of innumerable coequal structures, powered only by thermodynamic atmospheric forces and cosmic energy flows coming for the Sun. The exhibition Many suns and worlds continues to explore the global energy circulation and esteems to trigger collective imagination, so needed currently due to the prevailing ecological rift.
Tomás Saraceno was born in 1973 in Tucumán, Argentina. He currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
Originally trained as an architect, Tomás Saraceno is now widely recognized as one of today’s most visionary artists. His work aspires to bridge the gap between art and science.
The artist’s interests are as broad and multifaceted as the subjects he explores in his works: he draws inspiration from both his own and other people’s
research on spider webs, atmosphere, clouds, soap bubbles and more.
Informed by the worlds of natural sciences and engineering, Saraceno creates large- scale installations that can even be accessed by the public at times.Tomás Saraceno

Tomás Saraceno
Galaxies Forming along Filaments, like Droplets along the Strands of a Spider’s Web, 2008.
Installation view: Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, NY, USA, 2008.
Courtesy the artist; Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York; Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenhagen;
Pinksummer contemporary art, Genoa; Esther Schipper, Berlin.
Photography © Fabian Birgfeld, PhotoTECTONICS and Studio Saraceno

Vanhaerents Art Collection
29, rue Anneessens
1000 Brussels

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