Selah Sue – Reason

[wide][/wide] It is already four years ago that the Belgian singer Selah Sue impressed in the European charts with her self titled debut album. The young singer, whose real name is Sanne Putseys, came back late in 2014 with the brand new single ‘Alone’, a first taste of the always important sophomore record. The catchy and funky track got brought her positive reactions and quite a lot of buzz. Now she launched her second album called Reason. Because the wait was long, the expectations are high, but is she able to impress once again?

First of all, Reason is not a completely different direction from what she did on her debut album, but the singer-songwriter definitely shows growth. Especially her songwriting and the production of the tracks sound more mature. Listening to Reason feels like listening to a diverse but cohesive and perfected but still sincere body of work. In comparison to her earlier work, the tracks sound fuller thanks to the layered and less acoustic productions that gives the overall sound more swing.
She could’nt probably promote better her new release best with the catchy title track ‘Reason’, which will do well if performed at festivals. Selah Sue managed to deliver a second album that is consistent throughout and takes you on a journey inside her emotional world, without compromising either the most happy or difficult parts of it. Discover here the just out music video for Reason.

Video source: Selah Sue
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