Paradise CIty: The Belgian Sustainable Festival – 25th & 26th June


Get ready for the second edition of Paradise City on 25th and 26th June! This sustainable festival, featuring a brand new VIP experience, caters to electronic music enthusiasts’ every need.


On Sunday 26th June, Henrik Schwarz & Frank Wiedeman (the live half of Âme) will take to the Silo stage as the ‘Schwarzman’ duo — quite a unique experience for any self-respecting music connoisseur.

Also teaming up especially for this occasion are Gerd Janson and Lauer, forming the duo Tuff City Kids. Top Belgian acts Aeroplane and Compuphonic have confirmed as well.


The grass at Ribaucourt Castle is being meticulously monitored and tickets are selling like hot cakes. There’s also some good news for the food lovers among the festival-goers: Chef Sofie Dumont will be offering a dash of healthy haute cuisine, while Wim Baillieu has developed a vegetarian version of his Balls & Glory especially for the occasion.


Unlike at most other festivals, the food at Paradise City is artisanal and adventurous, to be discovered and savoured. And it is made and delivered in the most sustainable possible way.

Paradise City’s guiding principles are:

– Green cuisine. The most natural possible menu, where nearly everything is hand-made. No excessive packaging, bags or processed food.

– Small in size, big in impact. Paradise City supports small businesses; all the entrepreneurs at the festival are specialized in one dish or one type of fare. You can just taste their enthusiasm and their love of real food.

– Less waste, more taste. We are all about smart waste management, both limiting the projected waste generation beforehand and throwing away as little as possible during and after the festival. The drinking cups, for instance, are reusable so they don’t turn into a gigantic pile of plastic waste.

– Think global, eat local. Where possible, ingredients are sourced from local farmers. This principle is also carried through in other areas; the festival beer, for instance, is provided by Haacht brewery, a mere stone’s throw away.

– Say CO2. With 80% vegetarian catering, Paradise City’s environmental impact is significantly reduced, given that nearly 15% of all CO2 emissions worldwide are generated by the meat industry. This also saves a lot of water, as the production of 1 kg of beef requires no less than 15,000 litres of water.

– Future friendly. A futureproof festival of course needs to be open to innovative and extraordinary ingredients, providing unusual alternatives to our regular eating habits. Think seaweed, insects and algae.





A one-day pass is 50 euros, a two-day pass is 80 euros.

Paradise City tickets are now available online.

Image source: Paradise City
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