Architecture and Scenography: Breathtaking Views on a Timeless Nature

Amangiri Sothern Utah is an Adrian Zecha-inspired design in collaboration with architects Rick Joy, Marwan Al-Sayed and Wendell Burnett.

The resort, a place of authentic experience taking his beauty from two natural elements, the landscape and the light that envelops it, honors and celebrates the magic and mystery of southern Utah’s majestic cliffs and rock formations.

Amangiri - View fr Sand Dune

“Our aim,” says Zecha, “was to build something that was a contemporary interpretation of native Indian architecture…. Also, that it would respect the natural environment.”

From every room guests can appreciate the rawness and pure natural beauty of the surrounding mesas and the region’s mesmerizing light play throughout the day.

The buildings designed with angular minimalism, simple concrete blocks carved by program, movement and light blend effortlessly into the basic elements of this shifting landscape of water, sand, sage and rock.

Amangiri - Exterior View

Integration and references:

All the lighting and furnishings have been custom designed not only to blend in with the architecture and the surrounding landscape but also to capture something unique and particular about the American Southwest, yet rendered in a thoroughly modern way.

Amangiri - Guest Room
Amangiri - Amangiri Suite Desert Lounge
Amangiri - Main Swimming Pool Jacuzzi
The Amangiri is built like being part of the earth itself. The method of casting the concrete structures was specifically developed to make them appear as frozen sand or sculptured rocks.

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